The bulge project's survey

How big is yout bulge?

The Bulge Project organize an amazing survey (HOW BIG IS YOUR BULGE?)
There are many studies more or less serious about Penis size (flaccid, erect, by country, age …)
There are also studies on the ideal Penis size for our partners …
But I’ve never found statistics on the average volume of the bulge resting warm in his underwear… FOR AN ADULT MAN
The purpose of this study is to answer this “fundamental” question.
The bulge Project is on a daring quest to collect the right data about bulges size.
So the target audience involves every adult men.

As you follow my blog, I am sure that you should also be interested by this topic.
To be realistic, thanks to respond to this survey honestly.
All datas are anonymous, so it is recommended not to maximize your stats …
Nobody will know nothing and the stats would be wrong ?

To take your measurements, it is best to have a measuring tape … but if you don’t, you can use a string or shoelace and proceed in the same way. Watch after each measure the corresponding length of string on a graduated ruler to know your dimensions.

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