BOB Magazine is dedicated to the beauty of young sexy men in their underwear (sometimes less)

We accept photo series submissions.

We’re always looking for new contributors, including brands, photographers, models, stylists, and illustrators.

The series should be counting at least 4 pictures of the same photographer and model in underwear or nude.

At time of submission please include all fashion content and crew credits including their social networks data and a little biography.
Once approved publication, we will require all the team credits and model/agencies involved.

Works that have not appeared on other sites really is a plus.

Please insure that your pictures are delivered in a final resolution of at least 1024 width x 768 height

You can send your submissions to

Real Guys in underwear…
You’re not an underwear model and want to appear in the amateur section…  You can send your submissions to
The rules are the same, the series should be counting at least 4 pictures of you in underwear in a final resolution of at least 1024 width x 768 height.
Please include all your social networks data.
Best regards,

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