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A new line called Broaded has just been released by Modus Vivendi. The new line comprises men’s underwear in three distinctive styles as well as tank tops and t-shirts in three colours: blue, red and black. The underwear of this line comes in jockstraps, briefs and boxers all handcrafted from a high quality ribbed cotton based fabric. This is probably the most comfortable underwear you’ll ever wear! The fabric is extremely soft, the waistband is covered to avoid any discomfort and the pouch is contoured to offer space and support exactly where you need it. The tanktops and t-shirts feature broad elastic trims and curved hems. They are great for the gym but can also be worn as streetwear with your favourite jeans.
The campaign of Modus Vivendi’s Broaded line was photographed in France. Talented photographer Lionel Andre created some stunning images with models Jess Vill and Tony Model Fr in the olive tree fields near Aix-en-Provence. The campaign is sexy and masculine showcasing the new line at its best!

Jess Vill:
Facebook : SitjessFitnessPhotoModel
Twitter : @_JessVill_
Instagram : @jessvillmmf
Website : www.jessvill.com

Facebook : TonyModelFr
Twitter : @tony_model_fr
Instagram : @tony_model_fr

Lionel André:
Facebook : LionelAndrePhotos
Facebook : lionel.andre.photo
Twitter : @Pholiographer
Instagram : @LionelAndre
Tumblr : LionelAndre
Youtube : liosite
Vimeo : LionelAndre

Modus Vivendi:
Facebook : Modus.Vivendi.Underwear
Twitter : @_ModusVivendi_
Instagram : @_modus_vivendi_
Tumblr : modusvivendiunderwear
Website : www.e-modusvivendi.com
Pinterest : modusvivendi
Google+ : +E-modusvivendi

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