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Tyler Maher by Leigh Keily in his Diesel Hero Fit underwear for Attitude

Gromming / Make-up Artist : Oonah Anderson
Stylist / Wardrobe : Joseph Kocharian
Hair Stylist : Matt Ryan Jones

Tyler Maher:

Facebook : Tyler95Maher

Twitter : @TylerMaher_

Instagram : @TylerMaher_

Leigh Keily:

Twitter : @LeighKeily

Instagram : @LeighKeily

Website : models.com/people/leigh-keily

Oonah Anderson:

Twitter : @OonahAnderson

Tumblr : threegoldteeth

Website : oonahanderson.co.uk

Joseph Kocharian:

Facebook : joseph.kocharian

Twitter : @josephkocharian

Instagram : @josephkocharian

Website : www.josephkocharian.com


Facebook : Diesel

Twitter : @Diesel

Instagram : @Diesel

Tumblr : dieselreboot

Website : store.diesel.com/searchresult.asp?tskay=4321DF38&dept=ndrwrdsl&deptType=11&gender=U&mm=125&season=main&viewall=1&tp=31761&gclid=Cj0KEQiAreilBRDzrNfb6uqX4fwBEiQAk-MRYx_UpofhmTXN6hruWu7c4ZdQ6vMjH-SV95R_ZDqJCCkaAtk68P8HAQ

Youtube : /user/DieselPlanet

Pinterest : diesel

Google+ : +Diesel

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