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Clément Becq @ Mademoiselle Agency Paris by Nicolas Aristidou in
his Emporio Armani for Un Homme Un Slip

Clément Becq:

Facebook : pages/Clément-Becq-Page-Officielle/122801451102220

Facebook : ClementBecq.pro

Twitter : @ClementBecq

Instagram : @ClementBecq

Website : www.clement-becq.book.fr

Nicolas Aristidou:

Facebook : nicolasaristidouphotography

Instagram : @naristidou

Tumblr : nicolasaristidou

Website : www.nicolasaristidou.com

Emporio Armani:

Facebook : Armani

Twitter : @Armani

Instagram : @Armani

Website : www.armani.com/ca/emporioarmani/men/onlinestore/briefs-and-boxers

Mademoiselle Agency Paris:

Facebook : pages/Mademoiselle-Agency/336134839782569

Twitter : @MlleAgency

Instagram : @MlleAgency

Website : www.mademoiselleagency.fr

Blog : mademoiselleagency-leblog.fr

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